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Stationery FAQ


How much does a custom invitation suite cost?

I have three different pricing tiers to choose from. Please fill out this questionnaire for an accurate quote! For a quick pricing example, please click here.

How many invitations should I order?

One thing to keep in mind is that while you may have 150 guests on your list, probably half of those are couples and will only receive one invitation. So you may only need 75-85 suites. No need to count each person as needing an invitation. With that said, my rule of thumb is to always ask for more than you think you'll need...and then add five more to that number! Keep in mind that your families may want a keepsake invitation that hasn't been through the mail (great gift idea!!). Also, you'll inevitably add on to your guest list at the last minute. It happens! It's never fun (and can be expensive) to have to order those last two suites to cover the additions.

When should I order my invitations?

The invitation design process takes four to six weeks, and another four to six weeks for printing and assembly. Please inquire with me if you need to order with a smaller time frame!

Is there a rush fee if I'm ordering late in the game?

If you are feeling rushed with your invitation order, please contact me. I will take a look at my schedule and will do my best to help you! A rush fee will apply, as I will probably need to move things around on my calendar to accommodate.

When should I send my invitations?

Your save the dates should be sent out at lease six months prior to your wedding. Your invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before your wedding (add more time if it's a destination wedding).

When should I ask for my rsvp cards to be returned?

You should request for response cards to be returned two to four weeks prior to your wedding. This gives you time to give your final count to your caterer and other vendors. If you're ordering day-of calligraphy services for things like place cards, escort cards, etc., you may need to plan for more like three to four weeks so your calligrapher has time to complete those items.

How do I know what wording to use on my invitations?

When we start your invitation design process, we'll choose the correct wording that goes with your unique situation, whether formal or informal, in a church or outdoors, etc.

Can I order something from Ocean & coral and print it myself?

This is not a service that I offer. Maintaining the quality of your invitation suite and day-of paper goods is a top priority for me, so let me manage that side of things for you! No need to add anything else to your wedding planning to-do list!

What kinds of paper can I choose from?

The standard paper that Ocean & Coral uses for flat printed invitation suites is 120lb eggshell white paper. However, we can upgrade your paper options to a heavier weight, handmade paper, or a different texture.

What all do I need for my wedding, stationery-wise?

I'm so glad you asked! Check out this fun wedding stationery checklist that I've created for you!

What are my printing options?

See below!


Digital / Flat

A great budget-friendly option. Digital printing (also called flat printing) is good for watercolor, quick turnarounds, and any quantity. Ink is printed directly onto the paper.


A beautiful upgrade to your invitations. Letterpress printing is a beautiful art where a plate is made of your design and then pressed into the paper. Because letterpress printing is a manual printing process and plates are needed for each separate piece and color, this method can be pricey. You’ll also want to stick with one or two colors for this method. (Photo courtesy of Paper Event.)

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is just what it sounds like: your design is made into a plate, heated, and then stamped into the paper. You can choose between matte foil and metallic foil. Metallic foil is more of a mirror-like finish. Like letterpress printing, plates are made for each foil color and piece. Because of this, foil stamping can also be pricey. A lot of people choose to foil stamp just a small part of their invitation, like their names or borders on the invitation. (Photo courtesy of Paper Event.)