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Calligraphy FAQ


When should I book calligraphy services with Ocean & Coral?

To make sure I have enough time to complete your project, please send your inquiry two to three months ahead of time. However, if you're within that two to three month window, I may still be able to accommodate your project without it being considered a rush order. If you need to place a rush order, please contact me!

Is there a minimum order for envelope calligraphy?

I do not have a minimum for envelope calligraphy. However, the same setup fee will apply to orders of all sizes.

How should i send my address list to ocean & Coral?

Please complete this spreadsheet for me and email it to me. This will simplify my setup process and will cut down on preparation time for your project.

What if I don't use the spreadsheet that you provided in the link above? Can you format my addresses for me?

If you don't use the spreadsheet I have provided above, please send me the spreadsheet you have so I can take a look. An extra setup fee may apply, depending on how you have your list organized. If you don't want to mess with it at all, please let me know and I'll format your spreadsheet for you for an additional fee.

When should I have my guest list finalized and sent to Ocean & Coral?

Your list should be triple checked, finalized, and sent over to me at least two to three weeks in advance of your send date. For lists with more than 150 guests, please make sure to contact me to confirm how long I will need to complete your envelopes.

What if one of my addresses is wrong and it needs to be changed?

If you find that you have made an error on your guest list or need to make a change, please contact me as soon as possible. If I have not yet calligraphed that envelope, I will be happy to make that change for you at no extra cost. If the envelope is already completed, the cost of another envelope will be added to your final invoice.

What if I found an error made by Ocean & Coral on one of my envelopes?

If your envelopes have been completed and delivered to you and you find an error that I've made, I will be happy to redo that envelope at no extra cost to you! I'll finish it as fast as possible and get it back to you. I keep a few extras of your envelopes on hand for additions and corrections (if needed).

Why does calligraphy take so long?

Calligraphy is a handwritten process and the amount of time depends on the number of people on your guest list, ink color, calligraphy style, envelope color, paper type, and setup time. I take the time to make sure each and every envelope is beautifully written, which you can imagine, takes time! Just to give you an idea, calligraphing one envelope can take anywhere from three to seven minutes to complete.

Where else can I use calligraphy other than my envelopes?

Calligraphy isn't just for your envelopes! You can use calligraphy on everything from your invitations to your day-of signage, place cards, seating charts, cocktail signs, etc. If you choose to use a calligrapher for all of these items, everything will coordinate beautifully!

What style of calligraphy should I use for my invitations?

It really depends on your taste and the formality of your event! If your wedding is during the day and is less formal, we can go with a more casual script. If you are having an evening wedding that is very traditional, we can use a more formal script.

Do I have to book you for my stationery design in order to have you calligraph my envelopes?

Not at all! I offer a la carte calligraphy services. I'm happy to address your envelopes and work on any day-of pieces you may need.

Is there an extra charge for custom ink colors?

Yes. For custom ink colors, I need to purchase new supplies and need time to mix the perfect color for you. Ink mixing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes even longer if a metallic ink or color match is requested. Please contact me if you would like any color other than black or white on your envelopes.

Why are darker envelopes (and lined envelopes) higher in price for calligraphy?

Whenever a light pad cannot be used to see guidelines though the envelope, it takes more time to set up and to calligraph your order. Dark and lined envelopes cannot be seen through with a light like other envelopes can.