This guide has been set up to help you understand the process, timeline, and other tips for ordering your semi-custom invitation suite with Ocean & Coral Creative! We highly recommend reading through this guide so you know what to expect. If you have questions, please feel free to email me!

The Process

Step 1: Select your suite pieces

While the most basic semi-custom listing includes an invitation, RSVP card, and coordinating envelopes, each suite in our collection has been fully designed with the following:

  • Save the Date

  • Invitation

  • RSVP card with or without meal choices

  • Details card

  • Additional registry card

  • Rehearsal dinner invitation

  • Thank you card

  • Belly band

  • Envelope liners for the main envelope and RSVP envelope

  • RSVP envelope address design

  • Return address design for the back flap of your main envelope

  • Guest address design for the front of your main envelope

  • Place card

  • Table number

  • Menu

You are welcome to pick and choose which pieces to add to your suite! Also don’t forget about the Embellishments. Adding a wax seal, vellum wrap, ribbon, or belly band is a great way to customize your suite even more!

Step 2: place your order

After you’ve added each piece to your cart, you can purchase everything together. If you need to come back later and purchase day-of items that coordinate with your suite, feel free to do that as well!

After you’ve checked out and we have received your order, we will be in touch within 24 hours to send you a wedding details questionnaire, as well as a link and password to your secure online portal. Your portal is where all of your wedding information will be kept and where we will handle all the proofing. Please aim to have your wedding details questionnaire completed within 2-4 days of receiving it so we can get started as soon as possible!

step 3: proofing

Once we’ve received your completed questionnaire, we’ll start customizing your suite! We require all of your wedding information, including guest addresses (if applicable) in order to start the design process. You will receive your first proof within 3-5 days. You get two complimentary proofs for your semi-custom suite. After the first two proofs, a fee of $35 per additional proof will apply.

Step 4: Production

After you have signed a print approval form for your finalized suite, we can go to print! Production time will vary based on how many pieces you have in your suite and the Embellishments you have chosen.

We work with a trusted, high-quality printing company in order to provide you with the best finished product. Your items will be flat printed on 120# (or 240# if you’ve upgraded your paper) eggshell white paper. This paper has a slight texture to it, making it more luxurious than a standard cardstock.

If you have asked us to assemble and mail your suite for you, we will start that process once we have received your suite from the printer. Assembly can take anywhere from a few days to a week to complete, depending on quantity, number of pieces, and difficulty of assembly (i.e. ribbon, vellum wraps, etc.). Please keep this in mind when thinking of your timeline.

If you haven’t asked us to assemble and mail your suite for you, once we have received your suite from the printer and have double checked that everything is correct, we will send it on its way to you! Please be sure to read the section below on shipping.

Paper Thickness

We offer two different paper weights, or thicknesses: 120# and 240# (read as 120-pound and 240-pound). When ordering your semi-custom suite, you have the opportunity to upgrade your invitation card to a 240#. Here is the difference:


single thick (120 lb) vs. double thick (240 lb) paper comparison



In some cases, you may be able to change the ink color of the wording. If you choose to do this, please note that colors may appear differently on a computer screen than they do on paper. Lighter colors other than what is currently on your design may not appear legible once printed. If you have a question about this, please ask us when you fill out your wedding details questionnaire!

Only the wording can be changed on your design. Borders, extra design elements, and total layout changes cannot be added to semi-custom suites and current design elements cannot be changed. If you’d rather order a custom suite from us, please fill out this inquiry form so we can talk about your suite!

A note on envelope colors: All envelopes have a matte finish. We do not carry metallic finishes. Your semi-custom suite comes with white envelopes for both the main envelope and RSVP envelope. These envelopes have the same texture as the pieces in your suite. When ordering envelopes, please keep in mind that the USPS requires a legible recipient address as well as a return address. We are happy to handle those things for you for an additional fee. If you are using dark envelopes, we highly recommend white ink printing so that the contrast is enough for the post office to read the address easily. White ink printing is at a slightly higher price point. Ocean & Coral Creative is not responsible for any mail that is deemed undeliverable by the USPS.

Here is a list of envelope colors you may choose from when ordering your semi-custom invitation suite (the colors with an asterisk* are the ones we recommend for white ink printing):


ocean & coral creative envelope color choices



Embellishments are items you can add to your suite to make it even more custom! Embellishments include, but aren’t limited to:

Belly bands
Envelope liners
Wax seals
Vellum wraps or overlays
String or twine
Clips or brads
Vintage postage

Keep in mind that the more embellishments you add to your suite, the more postage you will likely have to use.

Good things to know


We suggest ordering at least 2 months ahead of your preferred delivery and mailing date to allow time for proofing, printing, production, assembly, and/or shipping.

Printing production:

Digital printing usually takes 2-4 business days after we have sent your design to print. That timeline is always subject to change based on quantity, number of pieces in your suite, and the printer’s schedule.

Assembly & mailing:

Assembly can take anywhere from one day to a full week depending on the difficulty and the number of pieces and embellishments. If Ocean & Coral Creative is also mailing your assembled pieces out for you, please add another business day onto your timeline, as we may miss the time deadline for that particular day. If we are mailing out your suites, we ensure that every piece is taken to the post office at the same time. You will receive confirmation once we have handed them to the USPS. We are not responsible for the USPS losing invitations, returning invitations, or for invitations taking longer than expected to arrive at their destination.


If we are not assembling and mailing your suites for you, we typically use USPS for shipping. However, if you would rather us send an item via FedEx or UPS, we will happily do that at the cost of the shipping. No matter which shipping method we use, we will provide a tracking number for you and will send it to you via your online portal.

When we use the USPS for shipping, we always ship Priority Flat Rate. Sometimes your package arrives within two days, sometimes it takes a week! As much as we wish we could, we cannot control what mood the United States Post Office is in or how they handle your package! :) If you have a question about your tracking, please reach out to the postal service, as they will have more information than Ocean & Coral does. Please also allow for additional shipping time if you are ordering around the holidays.

Speaking of handling, when shipping your package to you, we make sure that your suite is wrapped with the best care possible. We use packing paper and plastic wraps to keep your invitations secure. However, sometimes when it leaves our hands, packages go through the wringer. While we wish we could hand deliver everything ourselves, we can’t be held responsible for damage caused by the USPS or any other shipping service.

return & cancellation policy:

Because of the customization of our semi-custom invitation suites and the pieces that are ordered with the suite, we do not offer returns, cancellations, or exchanges on any products.

Refunds due to error:

If there is an error on the invitation due to client fault, there is nothing we can do. Our print approval form is a binding agreement, and once it is signed, you give approval that everything is spelled correctly and all information is correct. We cannot be held responsible for errors made on your part.

If there is an error to your invitation that has been made by Ocean & Coral Creative, we will of course offer complimentary reprints!


  1. When placing your order we recommend ordering extra sets.
    You may add to your guest list, and you’ll definitely want to send one or two to your photographer to capture. Think about keeping one that hasn’t gone through the mail as a keepsake, and give one or two to your family so they can have a keepsake as well. It’s always better to have more than you need because it’s more costly to print another small batch down the road. If we do have to print more, the minimum reprint is 25 and another setup fee will apply.

  2. If we are addressing your invitations for you, either by printing them or with calligraphy, please be sure to enter your addresses into the spreadsheet exactly as you would like them to appear.
    If you type SC instead of South Carolina, that's how it will appear on your envelope. If you type “&” instead of “and”, that’s what we will use. Even if you have mixed and matched, we will use whatever you have entered on the spreadsheet, so be sure to double and triple check your addresses!

  3. If you are mailing out your suite yourself, take your invitation suite to two post offices to check for correct postage.
    As much as we love the post office and what they do for us, different locations will tell you different things and that can cause frustration (and returned invitations)! Taking a fully assembled suite to two different locations can confirm how much postage you need to apply to the main envelope. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! No one wants to have to pay extra to send the same envelope twice.

  4. Read additional terms, conditions, and policies by clicking here.